Now it’s pretty late at night and I just feel like posting the basic stuff I did today, some of which is not common for Sundays. I didn’t go to church, because there was conference, so basically I went to church by watching it on TV, though this only happens twice a year. It was good, one quote stands out to me in particular, which is: “You  are not my brothers keeper, you are my brothers brother.” I’m not exactly sure what it means, but it sounds nice right?

I didn’t play any video games today, which is something I normally practice because my Dad advised us not too.

My family and I had dinner with our “neighbors”, who are actually good friends of ours. We try to get together and have Dinner with them every Sunday, but in some cases we don’t. Like last week we were all out of town because of a wedding, which was for a relative of our neighbors actually, so they were there.

I was hanging in Witches Chat main chat room today, which I like to do from time to time. I’m not a witch or anything of the sort so it may seem weird, but I like to get to know the people in there, and Christian’s are certainly welcome…if they’re not telling everyone they’re going to hell. I don’t really talk much in chat honestly.

Now that was my day! Tomorrow I got school, seminary, and maybe some other things. I plan on playing some Shadow of Mordor and maybe some Destiny. We’ll See.

Good night,



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