Finished Beltane

So I finished the third book in The Wicked Garden series, Beltane. I didn’t really like it better than The Witches of Snyder Farms, but it was still good and moved the plot along smoothly. It got me excited about the next book, Aurora’s Wake. I probably won’t start it today because I’m going to enjoy my Sunday, with dinner, friends, and other stuff.


The Witches of Snyder Farms

Well I enjoyed it.

So I finished The Wicked Garden early this morning. I then went and downloaded the second book, The Witches of Snyder Farms, almost immediately. I have to say I did enjoy the first book, but Snyder Farms was a lot better, and I really enjoyed it, especially the ending. It was paced nice I thought, and it was overall more interesting than the first book. I’d actually recommend it, so you’d  have to read the first book of course.

I’ll probably get the third book tomorrow. It’s called Beltane, so that makes me excited for it even more just based on it’s name. Don’t know if I’ll finish it the same day I start it like I did for The Witches of Snyder Farms, but I’ll surely spend some good time with it. 🙂


My Thoughts on The Wicked Garden so far

I got the book today, I’m about 2/3 through and overall I’d say I’m liking it. The one thing I’m not liking is the graphic stuff, which I’m not a fan of in any case. Besides that I really enjoy the story, setting, and characters. I’ll probably finish it tomorrow, and I may post about it. I’ll probably start reading the second book, The Witches of Snyder Farms here soon once I finish the first book.

The authors background and the background of the characters is what made me want to read this. It’s pagan. I like reading, but I never had that besides from a textbook style in a book before. I’m liking it so far, but again it’s my first experience with these types of books, so I’ll keep ya informed. 😉


My Recent Reads

Okay I’ve recently been trying to read more books then I have for the last two years. I use to read a lot, but somewhere I stopped.

So I just got done reading the last book in the Heroes of Olympus series: Blood of Olympus. Now it was a great book, but the one thing I’m thinking after finishing it is that there wasn’t enough Percy (and Annabeth for that matter) in it. I enjoyed the original series, Percy Jackson & The Olympians, a lot more. This series was okay. I didn’t care as much for the characters, and I could have cared less if some of them died. Now I’m looking forward to the Next series, Magnus Chase and The Gods of Asgard. I have a feeling it’ll be in the style of PJ & The Olympians. Plus Magnus is related to Annabeth, so we’ll have some crossovers probably, like The Kane Chronicles, which is a series I enjoyed. Oh, and that reminds me, I still have that Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods to finish.

I’ve also read a little in the Merlin series. I read the first book, The Lost Years, which was okay, kind of kiddish and not epic really. I’ve so far read the Prologue in the Second Book, The Seven Songs. I’ll probably get to it at some point.

I’m also reading the Book of Isaiah. The one from The Bible. Currently on Chapter 3. I always liked it after studying the Old Testament in Seminary my freshman year. I’m intrigued so far.

I’m a big Halo fan, so I have all the novels, and currently finished the last one. Halo: Mortal Dictata was extremely good, my favorite in the trilogy, and one of the best in the whole series of Halo novels. I loved how I got to know Staffan, and his sadness after losing his daughter Naomi to the Spartan-II program. I’d put it around as good as The Fall of Reach, slightly better then First Strike, but not as good as The Ghost of Onyx, which is simply one of the best books in existence ;).

I found this series thank to another persons blog, so I plan on getting it on the Kindle soon. Tomorrow probably. It’s called The Wicked Garden. The reviews made it out to be good, and I’m interested in that Pagan stuff, plus it takes place in a fictional Southern Illinois if I’m not mistaken, and I grew up about there.

There’s this guy named T.S. Church. He wrote the Runescape novels. Being a fan of Runescape for years I read the novels, and thoroughly enjoyed them, and those were Mr. Church’s first books. So when he wrote another, I wanted to read it. The book he wrote is called Prince Armatus and The Dragon. It’s actually really good, and I hope at some point he gets to writing more! The book is only available on Kindle, so I wasn’t very fond of that at first, but this book is actually what got me okay with reading on Kindle.

I’ve also recently read some books on Celtic Mythology, which being of Scottish & Irish decent, always intrigued me. The one I enjoyed a lot is called Celtic Gods And Heroes, which gives a nice overview and details on specific deities.

I always loved the lore of the Xbox series Fable, So I may check out The Balverine Order.

Now that’s my list, what about yours, and what do you think of the ones I listed?


Now it’s pretty late at night and I just feel like posting the basic stuff I did today, some of which is not common for Sundays. I didn’t go to church, because there was conference, so basically I went to church by watching it on TV, though this only happens twice a year. It was good, one quote stands out to me in particular, which is: “You  are not my brothers keeper, you are my brothers brother.” I’m not exactly sure what it means, but it sounds nice right?

I didn’t play any video games today, which is something I normally practice because my Dad advised us not too.

My family and I had dinner with our “neighbors”, who are actually good friends of ours. We try to get together and have Dinner with them every Sunday, but in some cases we don’t. Like last week we were all out of town because of a wedding, which was for a relative of our neighbors actually, so they were there.

I was hanging in Witches Chat main chat room today, which I like to do from time to time. I’m not a witch or anything of the sort so it may seem weird, but I like to get to know the people in there, and Christian’s are certainly welcome…if they’re not telling everyone they’re going to hell. I don’t really talk much in chat honestly.

Now that was my day! Tomorrow I got school, seminary, and maybe some other things. I plan on playing some Shadow of Mordor and maybe some Destiny. We’ll See.

Good night,



Hello, I’m Liam! I’m just making this random post because I just made this blog, so why not? I actually only made it to comment on some other blogs, but I may actually post on here every once in awhile about anything I’m up to. I guess I should introduce my self. I’m a senior in High School and currently live in Arizona. I’m home schooled, and have been since my junior year. I grew up in Illinois, but later moved to Florida, then Texas, and I’m currently in Arizona for a little while. My family travels a lot now. I like politics, and I hate to annoy people with post about that stuff, so I probably won’t unless I’m really annoyed, but to warn everyone I’m Libertarian, sort of leaning towards conservative. Too make you happy I’d rather be in the Libertarian Party rather than the Democratic or Republican ones. I’m a christian, and have been since I was twelve, before that I’d say I was an atheist, though I was young, so who really knows. I have an interest in all religions, mainly Christian because that’s what I am, and Pagan ones, because that’s what my ancestors were. I love history. I love video games. I play on Xbox a lot, and my favorite series is Halo. I like reading, anything from Fantasy to Sci-fi. I like movies of course too, Lord of the Rings being my favorite(“For death and glory!”) Hmm, that’s all I got for about me really. I guess I’m looking forward to Halloween/Samhain, whatever you celebrate,  I like that holiday.

So yeah, see you all around,