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Hello, I’m Liam! I’m just making this random post because I just made this blog, so why not? I actually only made it to comment on some other blogs, but I may actually post on here every once in awhile about anything I’m up to. I guess I should introduce my self. I’m a senior in High School and currently live in Arizona. I’m home schooled, and have been since my junior year. I grew up in Illinois, but later moved to Florida, then Texas, and I’m currently in Arizona for a little while. My family travels a lot now. I like politics, and I hate to annoy people with post about that stuff, so I probably won’t unless I’m really annoyed, but to warn everyone I’m Libertarian, sort of leaning towards conservative. Too make you happy I’d rather be in the Libertarian Party rather than the Democratic or Republican ones. I’m a christian, and have been since I was twelve, before that I’d say I was an atheist, though I was young, so who really knows. I have an interest in all religions, mainly Christian because that’s what I am, and Pagan ones, because that’s what my ancestors were. I love history. I love video games. I play on Xbox a lot, and my favorite series is Halo. I like reading, anything from Fantasy to Sci-fi. I like movies of course too, Lord of the Rings being my favorite(“For death and glory!”) Hmm, that’s all I got for about me really. I guess I’m looking forward to Halloween/Samhain, whatever you celebrate,  I like that holiday.

So yeah, see you all around,