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Twitter Trouble

I thought I’d just post this because of what you could probably tell by looking at the Twitter feed on this blog currently. This guy – who I don’t feel like naming, but he’d be easy to find out who I’m talking about – ¬†was harassing this girl, with really inappropriate stuff. It was kind of sickening to read. So what he did though was use another account to harass her because his main Twitter account was about stopping bullies, or at least that’s what his recent tweets showed. Now it was found out easily through the internet that these two accounts were probably the same person, because the second accounts handle was the same as the his main accounts PSN ID. So coincidence? Probably not, considering a tweet was found of him saying the two names were both him. He deleted the tweet and made that you could only view his Tweets if you were a verified follower. So eh, I’d advise not following him.

I guess the lesson would be to not start bad stuff when it’ll easily be found out, especially when you’re threatening blackmail and giving vulgar threats.

I don’t know, that was just bothering me,